Have you ever gone through traumatic experiences?
Trauma is a tricky issue.

Sometimes it is obvious, we have a miscarriage, an accident, we lose someone, or we are bullied.

Many times trauma stays hidden.

It can be the constant criticism of a parent, our family making us feel we are not good enough, our spouse ignoring and disrespecting us.

Trauma leaves its traces.

We try to go on, to “get over it,” but what we actually do is we detach a part of ourselves, which is stuck with that pain, and we try to suppress its feelings.

Trauma and weight issues go hand in hand together.

Eating becomes a “painkiller,” a refuge, a substitute for our lost sense of safety.

The body’s excess weight becomes our fortress, our protection against painful relationships, abuse, or responsibility.

At the same time, our bodies can become our prison, and we watch our dreams pass by like lazy clouds as we sit in the darkness.

It is not easy to heal from trauma.

We often feel that we are not allowed to feel the way we do.
That we are not supposed to be mad at our family or hate our siblings.

That we have to be strong.

That we can’t afford to feel weak and hurt.

Trauma makes us feel that we are alone. No one really knows what we have been through or how we feel.

It makes us feel like we are not normal.
Normal people don’t feel like “this,” or don’t react like “that.”

We feel that we have to carry the burden forever. That there is no escape.

Trauma isolates us.

It isolates us not just from the rest of the world, but what is worse, it separates us from our true selves.

We feel cut off the light.

That’s when many people start to blame God.

How can God be good if he makes us suffer so much?

Many others, on the contrary, they turn to religion or esoteric teachings, trying to find the answers.

In reality, trauma is a life event or series of such events that have powerful energy.

It turns our focus to specific ideas or areas in life.

Trauma can teach us to change our thinking and consciousness like hardly anything else, but if we resist, it can get us stuck in that dark place where we feel that there is no escape.

How can we heal from trauma?

First, we need to become aware that we carry the burdens of past trauma.

Second, we need to accept the feelings that we have. Those are the natural consequences of our PERCEPTION of the experience.

Third, we need to understand the nature of trauma. Our reactions and feelings ARE NOT who we are; they are who we learned to be and how we learned to react. And that is a huge difference.

And fourth, feel free to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness or being abnormal.

Trauma is the injury of the soul. It is absolutely normal to seek healing.

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