Surviving a narcissistic relationship.

Many victims of abuse don’t realize that they have become prey to a narcissistic predator.

How do you know that you have been abused?

Physical abuse is easy to detect.

It’s beatings, threats, being shouted at and so on.

Emotional abuse, on the other hand, is a lot more complicated issue.

It is that feeling that you are
– made to feel guilty or ashamed because you had needs,
– afraid to speak your mind because you would get punished
– egoistic just because you set your boundaries and tell your needs
– afraid of being yourself etc.

The atmosphere of fear indicates abuse.

Susanne’s story

Now, let me share an interesting story about how abuse creates energetic bonds that need to be cut and how energetic wounds can be healed.

There was a woman in her fifties who came to me with PTSD. Let’s call her Susanne (not her real identity).
She had several marriages, all of which ended up with abuse, and financial disasters. Especially her last husband seemed to have strong control over her. Even after years, he managed to pull her in.

She asked: Why does this happen to me all the time? I’m not a weak person, how do these people find me? How do they control me?

Abuse always leads to fragmentation of the self AND energetic wounds.
Those wounds “bleed energy” so to speak, which is where predatory souls feed.

Children are vulnerable and energetically speaking excellent targets.

Childhood abuse is not just about dominance and being in control.

Those children are wounded and fragmented to be subjects of that kind of energy exchange. The stronger is the child, the better.

If the child is a soul that has healing energies that makes it a primary target.

Abusers often have no conscious idea of their choices, and it may seem like a coincidence.

For those who believe that everything has a deeper meaning, I can say that all people told me while being in hypnosis that there was a particular reason why those events happened.

Now, when those children grow up they have open “wounds” that are unprotected,

Predatory souls look for wounded people. They are easy prey.

All they need to do is to energetically attach themselves to that person and through that, they take over control.

They make the victim feel helpless and powerless. They do everything to make the victim dependent and vulnerable until he or she thinks that there is no way out and they accept it.

So it is not just a psychological phenomenon (partly it is) but also an energetical.

Back to Susanne.

We did a PTSD technique first to get the experiences attached to the amygdala put into their places. That stabilized her enough to go on and start the work on those several levels where she was affected.

She felt a “knot” (that was a sensation, not a physical thing) at the back of her neck. It felt like a sharp pain sometimes.

That was, she said, where her last husband attached to her. She cut the energetic cord that came out of that knot, as she put it.

We worked on healing the wound and closing it until the knot was gone. By the end, she was exhausted and immensely relieved. She said she had several such wounds that she will need to clean, close and heal. But she no longer felt that attachment and dependency.

She later wrote to me that the behavior of her ex-husband dramatically changed. First, he was very furious. She sensed his powerlessness and something she suspected was fear. Then he changed his tactics and went on very cautiously, friendly, almost kindly, but to no avail.
He very soon gave up and Susanne said that he found a new victim. (Of course, he did. He needed energetic feeding, the drugs were draining him.)

I know that for some of you the experiences of Susanne may seem too unrealistic. But today’s science started to talk openly about energetic dimensions/levels that we don’t see but which affect us directly.

So, if you have similar issues as Susanne, seek help on several levels:

+ psychological – find someone who does the rewind technique (Mark Tyrrell and his apprentices are excellent) which will alleviate the symptoms of PTSD,
+ energetic – find healers who are specialized in healing energetic wounds,
+ and the subconscious level where you start reprogramming your own negative ideas about yourself. Those ideas are the “portals” into your system. Don’t leave them open.


There are two major ways to give over control over yourself:

1. self-hatred (or lack of self-love)
2. fear

With self-hatred or lack of self-love you “cut a hole” in your energetic body and your psychological integrity.
With fear, you let go of the steering wheel and give it over to the subject of your fear.

(There are other things as well, but these are the most important ones.)

I hope this story gave you a deeper understanding and perhaps some “aha” moments.

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