Sexual Problems

Ok, let’s speak about sexual problems.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective here, but we might want to know why.

This sensitive issue comes up quite often but most people ask their questions privately.

Now, let’s shed some light on this.

Most sexual problems that are not a direct consequence of a physical condition, are stress related.

It manifests differently for women and men, but the core is the same.

Emotional stress, like anxiety, depression, self-rejection, shame, lacking sense of safety, feeling disconnected etc, inhibits our sexual energy.

I hear many women say (they talk more freely about this than men) that they no longer feel like women, that they don’t feel that they are desirable and sexy.

Many have lost their sexual drive and complain about how that affects their marriage, and some are afraid that their partner will leave them.

Some blame their partner, some blame their age, some blame themselves.

Dear Ladies, you can feel like a goddess, it’s never too late. You can connect to your beautiful sexual energy again and live a more fulfilling life in this aspect.

Men, although they don’t like to speak about it, are even more sensitive to stress when it comes to sexuality.

Feelings of being out of control, being helpless, being inferior, humiliation or loss of authority can cause immense distress and results in sexual problems, which only makes things worse.

For example, losing an important job, struggling financially, or going through a rough divorce or illness can be a likely cause.

What should you do to live a more fulfilling sexual life?

1. Reduce tension, reduce stress, relax.

Hypnosis can teach you how to control your relaxation, both physically and emotionally.

2. Observe your self-image.

How does it relate to your sexuality?
Do you consider yourself desirable? Sexy? In control? Powerful? Or do you feel ugly? Are you critical with yourself? Do you hate your body?
Find out your relationship with yourself.

If it’s negative you need to work on that.

3. Find out what inhibitions or feelings are blocking your sexual energy.

Many of them come from childhood and are connected to the wounded child within.

4. Learn to connect to your sexual energy.

Experience it, respect it, love it, direct it, use it.
Most people with sexual problems are disconnected from this energy.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Let me tell you two stories.

The first one is is about a woman who was almost unable to experience orgasm.

In her case, it was a series of childhood memories where she was told that she was a bad girl for touching herself.

Adults in those times were unaware of the fact that children at the age of 3-5 years naturally start to discover their sexuality, learn the distinction between girls and boys and the differences in their genitals.

She became so full of inhibitions that she would never be able to enjoy her sexuality.

When she changed those harmful beliefs in hypnosis she discovered that she could enjoy and explore herself, and that greatly improved her self-confidence.

The second story is that of a man who ran a great company. He was the soul of the firm, a great speaker and a confident, charismatic motivating leader.
He used to have hundreds of people working under him.

The investors got into financial trouble and the company was torn apart.
He found himself without a job, but worst of all, he lost his credit and reputation.

He felt deprived of his manhood. He tried medication but to no avail.

He needed to restore his self-image, create himself anew from his ashes. That was when his sexual problems were finally gone.

So, dear ladies and gentlemen, it’s not a question of age or anything. You are Goddesses and Gods of love if you allow yourself to be.

If you have specific questions concerning sexual problems, you can put them in the comments or privately.

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