Michaela’s hypnosis session

“I’m never good enough!”

Imagine you could let go of the feeling of being not good enough.

What would you feel then? Happiness? Freedom?

There is a lovely student of mine, who did just that. How? She used her subconscious to find out what caused her to feel like that and how to let go of this feeling.

Now, let me share the story of Michaela with you. It illustrates very well how our subconscious accepts negative ideas as reality and how we can change them.

Michaela agreed to make a hypnosis session with me and share her experiences so that you could use it for your own benefit.

This is how we started…

Setting the goal for the subconscious

First of all, we needed to set a goal that Michaela’s psyche could follow.

Most people know what they don’t want, like “I don’t want to feel so insecure”. What they actually say to their subconscious is: “OMG, I feel so insecure! I’m afraid I’ll feel more insecure!”

The subconscious doesn’t understand negative statements.

There is no ‘don’t’, ‘I’m not’ etc. in its vocabulary. It’s the case of “Don’t think about the pink elephant.” What it does: it cannot help but keep thinking about it.

My friend wanted to stop eating chocolate once and lose weight. She kept saying to herself: “I want no chocolate, I want no chocolate, I want no chocolate.”

She ended up sick after eating a crazy amount of chocolate.

What she did was actually giving herself the suggestion: “I want chocolate” for a hundred times at least.

The same goes for “I’m not afraid”. Don’t use it unless you want to scare yourself out of your skin.

But back to Michaela.

Me: “What would you like to achieve?”

Michaela: “I feel a lack of confidence. I want to let go of excuses. Something holds me back her from starting new, different things.  When I think of trying something new, I feel scattered. I’m not convinced. At the same time, I want to do new things.”

These excuses, this scattered focus, undecidedness lead her to frustration.

Frustration was her Real Self, fighting against her limiting self-defense system. It was her Inner Voice telling her that she needed to change.

Me: “And what do you want to feel?”

Michaela: “I want to feel free. I want to have freedom of decision. Freedom to go for higher goals. Freedom and fulfillment.”

Asking for permission and help from the subconscious

Then I showed Michaela a wonderful technique she could use to communicate with her subconscious in hypnosis. (I use it in self-hypnosis, as well.)

I  told her to give the control over her hand to her subconscious.

One finger would be the ‘yes’ answer and one finger would be the “no” answer. When her subconscious gave a signal that it understood, I asked:

“Is Michaela ready to let go of this feeling?”


“Is she able to let go of this feeling?”


Then I asked her subconscious to provide her all the help she needed and all the answers she needed to accomplish her clearly stated goal.

(This is what we do during the free self-hypnosis exercise I mentioned above. It’s fascinating to see how the subconscious responds to you. )

Locating the feeling

Before asking Michaela to describe that feeling of not being good enough, I asked her to find that feeling in her body.

Every emotion has an energetic imprint on your body.

Now you can see, how negative emotions when suppressed (literally closed up in our body) can lead to illnesses.

I asked Michaela to locate the feeling because when we do so, we connect to that feeling on a subconscious level.

Michaela said she felt the emotion in her chest.

Michaela: “It is like a cushion, a pillow.”

Me: “How does this cushion feel?”

Michaela: “It’s heavy. Fluffy but heavy. Pressing down on me. Smothering me. It feels anchored there.”

Me: “What does this feeling want from you?”

Michaela: “That I stay here. It’s safe, comfortable. I should stay in my comfort zone. But I want to get out. It’s so frustrating to stay here.”

Me: “How does this cushion affect you?”

Michaela: ” When I go out of my comfort zone, I feel insecure, shy, introvert. I kind of afraid of criticism.”

Me: “What do you feel if you meet any criticism?”

Michaela: “My mind says: I told you so!”

It came out that Michaela was pretty successful, smart and didn’t get much criticism. Still, the fear of criticism, the fear of failure was there.

Me: “And what would you feel if you would fail?”

Michaela: “Rejection!”

Me: “Could you describe this feeling of rejection?”

Michalea: “It is like a black shot through my chest.”

Me: “What does this black shot feel like?”

Michaela: “I feel surprised. Startled. Completely startled. So unexpected. And then there is acceptance. Acceptance that I’m not good enough.”

Intensifying the feeling and doing regression

This feeling of rejection was a block in the subconscious. It blocked the incentives of the Real Self, which led to frustration and lack of fulfillment.

We needed to find where this feeling came from.

After intensifying the emotion we went back in time to a moment in her life when this feeling was very strong.

Michaela: “I’m about 11-12 years old. I’m in a theater group. They are picking the lead role. I thought I should get that role. But the other girl was selected. I’m startled. I wasn’t expecting that. And there is a boy I have a crush on. He chooses that other girl. And then I accepted it; I accepted that I’m not good enough.

Six years later I was in a theater group again. I got the lead role. I didn’t believe I deserved it, though people told me I was really good. I deserved it.”

I asked Michaela, who did this 11-year-old girl look up to.

Michaela: “My grandmother.”

I asked her to imagine that she is that 11-year-old girl and her grandmother is talking to her. I asked her grandma to explain to that little girl that getting the lead role or winning the heart of our crush does not depend on whether we are good enough. Life often has its choices, maybe because we need to learn something or maybe because it wants us to go some other way. But it has nothing to do with being good or not good.

Then I asked: “How can you let go of this feeling? What do you need?”

Michaela: “I need to breathe in deeply and throw off the cushion from my chest.”

Me: “Are you ready to throw the cushion off now?”

Michaela: “Yes.”

As she did it, she freed herself of this negative belief, that she was not good enough.  As an 11-year-old girl, she simply misunderstood the experiences of her life. But she no longer did have to live with that anymore.

As you see, all information is in the subconscious mind.

You can free yourself, just like Michaela.

If you are ready to start living your dreams, instead of being blocked by your subconscious programs, just download the free 30-minute self-hypnosis audio here.

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