Miscarriage and Weight

How can a miscarriage change our relationship with food?

It sounds weird, doesn’t it?
Yet, I have met several women who had this problem.
A miscarriage happened, something changed and their weight shifted, almost imperceptibly.

Years went by, the weight increased bit by bit, life changed in almost all aspects, but something stayed the same.

The old feelings.
When we can’t connect to our old feelings, we resort to connecting with food.

Women are expected to go on.
Many have kids and family, others have a job, and other things they have to concentrate on.
We think those wounds heal on their own, and usually, they do.
Miscarriage is a loss, that is followed by grief.
Grief and letting go are part of our experience here on Earth.
Our psyche has its own healing mechanisms to deal with loss unless we thwart it.

After a miscarriage, 30 – 50 percent of women experience anxiety, and 10 –15 percent experience depression, which typically lasts about four months.

Our society often tries to “heal their depression” as if it was an illness.

Does that help?

In most cases, what we call depression is a natural grieving process. By trying to artificially “heal” it, we often suppress it, as if the feeling of grief was not an adequate response to loss. Some women stay depressed longer. That’s when we need to start to wonder what is it that keeps them there?

What does anxiety have to do with miscarriage?

Miscarriage, as well as the loss of a child, has a deep karmic meaning, and – although it might sound cruel – profound teaching.
That is something we have no control over, so when it happens, we experience a complete loss of control.
People who have memories of feeling out of control, anxious about what would happen, controlling others, and over-controlling their lives are hit the hardest.
It can also be accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame.
It is not uncommon for women who had an abortion to “punish” themselves, feeling not good enough to have another child, not being deserving of having babies.
Others may be resisting the father of the child.
There was a woman who loved a man, but he married another girl. She too married to a man whom she never really loved.
Even though she wanted a child, she was subconsciously resisting the father, and that led to a series of miscarriages.

Sometimes it is a karmic lesson of acceptance.

Another woman was a very demanding, controlling father in her past life.
He wanted the best for his family, but everything had to be his way or else.
When he reincarnated as a woman, his life put him into circumstances where he had to experience loss without being able to do anything about it.
His lesson as a woman was to learn to give up control and learn acceptance.
That was a very hard lesson.
What helped was the soul of the child.
She was there, helping her mother through times of loss, guiding her through intuition, dreams, and feelings.
When the woman finally became aware of her connection with the lost child, she understood the karmic purpose of that experience.

The souls of children lost through miscarriages, abortion or otherwise are often guides, teachers, and helpers, who help their parents raise their awareness, teaching them to accept, find love, surrender, and help others through their healing.

How does weight come into play?

Eating becomes a comfort and way of stress relief.
Bulimia and other eating disorders are also attempts at getting back a sense of control.

When women understand the deeper purpose of these events and connect to the souls of their children, that brings on healing and expansion of consciousness.

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