Abortion and Weight

Let me share an inspiring story with you to show how the mind affects our weight.

Claire (42) had an abortion 24 years ago. She was a student at a college, and deeply madly in love. When she got pregnant the boy panicked and left her. He was not ready and didn’t have a job or a penny. Her family convinced Claire to abort the child. She did what she was told but it took a toll on her.

She went to therapy and it seemed she moved on. Years later she had a baby girl, everything seemed fine, but, whenever she got close to a man and stayed with him for about a year, she started to gain weight like crazy. Her relationships never lasted more than 1 year and a few months.

By the age of 42, she was more than 250 lbs. She had extreme mood swings, obsessive behavior and depressive periods. She had been dieting for the last 20 years, losing some weight and gaining it back immediately and she felt she would throw up whenever she weighed herself. She developed skin and gut problems.

When she started to resolve her past issues on a deeper level (although she thought she had gotten over her abortion, she just couldn’t go back to those memories) she realized: she got pregnant one year after meeting that guy. Her body remembered that and every time she met someone, after a year the body “got pregnant” that is it started to grow and it would resist letting the “baby” go. Weight and the big belly coming with it was a substitute to the baby that she couldn’t let go deep in her heart. So she carried it with her.

She did a great job working through her issues and healing those wounds. She forgave herself and she bonded with the unborn child in a different, more healthy way.

She said: “Now my weight feels so alien to me. It used to be a part of me, now it is like dead matter that has nothing to do with my body.”

She started to lose weight automatically and quite drastically, 16 lbs per month, so she had to slow it down a bit because she just pushed herself out of balance too much. She learned to control her weight loss and keep it in balance and now she’s about to step into “onederland.”

Isn’t it amazing how the mind and body work? That story moved me very much.