3-day Emotional Self-healing Training

You probably have emotions that you would rather not have.
Like getting upset about your ex whenever you see his/her post on Instagram or getting mad at you Mum whenever she calls you. Emotional Self-healing is when you start transforming these feelings instead of suppressing them or pouring them out into the world.

The sobering reality is that in most cases we are not in control of our emotional energies.

Many people would object now, saying that they are fully capable of controlling their feelings.

I had several clients, who not just ‘controlled’ but overcontrolled them so much that after a time they lost touch with those vital energies. They felt empty, drained, depressed and disconnected.

“Would you believe me if I said that I don’t feel ANYTHING at all? It’s better this way, I’m tired of the pain that I used to carry,” said one of them.

Now, this client convinced himself that he was a master at controlling his feelings. His frequent headaches, depression and his addiction to wine told a different story.

Instead of controlling them, he suppressed them, shoved them down into the subconscious, closed the door and lost the keys.

In fact, at that moment he gave up control, and let his emotional energies loose.
He became helpless and was at the mercy of his destructive energies.

Another client of mine was the opposite.

She got overemotional most of the time, she was very sensitive to what people might say or might think. She was highly critical of herself, while she did everything to please others.

Her life was an emotional roller coaster, so she felt drained and stressed.

What do you think, what did she have in common with my other client?

They had the same problem in different forms.

They had uncontrolled emotional energies locked up in their subconscious.

That left them feeling stressed and powerless, riding up and down in life like ships on a stormy ocean.

Perhaps you can relate to that feeling.

So how do we gain our control BACK over our emotions?

By learning to transform their energy, integrating them, educating and using them in positive ways.

But how can tame the monsters that you carry in your emotional bag?

Now, here is the 3-day Emotional Self-healing Training, which teaches you to

  1. Become aware of the negative emotions that you carry
  2. Evaluate and scale them
  3. Communicate with them.

Ready? Let’s get to work.

Pro Tip: Download the bonus Emotional Self-healing Spreadsheet here, which takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming aware of the driving forces behind your emotions. That’s an excellent exercise for you if you want to see it clearer.

Emotional Self-healing – Day 1

Improving emotional awareness

Today’s exercise: write down the feelings that accompany you today. Take a piece of paper and start writing them down. Even the nastiest ones. If nothing comes, put down the pen and leave the piece of paper in sight. As soon as you feel something, write it down immediately.
That will help you to become aware of your feelings and release some tension.

Do it like this:

At the end of the day write down in the comments, how many feelings you have on your list.

Keep the list. We are going to work on it tomorrow.

Emotional Self-healing – Day 2

Which emotions are you ready to work on?

Okay, I suppose you already have that neat little list of your emotions, don’t you?

As the next step of learning to communicate with your emotions, we are going to scale those feelings.

Here is what you do next:

Your next step:

– evaluate the intensity of the emotions that you have listed

How to do that?

– Scale them from 1 to 10 where one is ‘weak,’ and ten is ‘very intense.’

Now, pick an emotion from the list which has the intensity of about four, and that you are ready to work with and change.
Underline it.

That will be your next exercise.

It’s NOT the strongest feeling you want to work on yet. Remember, you are practicing now.

You don’t want to throw a challenge to Bruce Lee if you have just learned your first Jeet Kune Do move, do you?

Emotional Self-healing – Day 3

Communicating with your emotions

How is your list of emotions?

By this time you are most probably ready with scaling them and picking a feeling that you are going to work with.

Here comes the final (and enlightening) step: you will start to communicate with that feeling. (Don’t forget to share your experiences and insights!)

Here is how:

The most crucial question is: what should we do with our negative feelings to make them “go away”?

Many negative feelings disappear because we become aware of them.

Those that lie deeper need some extra attention.

We need to get in touch with those feelings and find out what they want to tell us; what do we need to learn or change about ourselves.

And how do we do that?

We start communicating with the feeling.

Remember, whatever you hear, feel, or sense: those are feelings, not your reality.

Sometimes we need to go through negative feelings, like going through a storm. Feelings are energies that come and go – unless we cling to them.

Negative feelings are indicators that we are tuned into low vibrational frequencies. That means that there is something we either didn’t process yet or didn’t let go of or perhaps there is something we need to change about our thinking.

Whatever it is your feelings can tell you the truth.

Okay, but how do we communicate with our feelings?

Ask. How?

1. Go into self-hypnosis
2. Imagine that your feeling is a person who came to visit you.
3. Observe its looks, clothing, features, hands, get as many details as you can.
4. Put questions and listen to the answers.
Ask its name.
Why is it with you?
What does it have to say to you?
What can it teach you?
What can you do to heal it?
What does it want from you?
How can you let it go?
5. When you are ready, thank it for its help and the teaching.
6. Come out of self-hypnosis and open your eyes.

Pro Tip: Download the bonus Emotional Self-healing Spreadsheet here, which takes you step-by-step through the process of asking the right questions and answering them. You will gain more awareness, clarity, and understanding.

That is how you can find out about the emotions that affect your life, and you can learn to heal your emotional wounds.

If you want to find out more about how you can transform your negative emotions, read this transcript of a hypnosis session I had with Michaela:

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