Creating a Loving Relationship

A short inspiring story. A tall woman in her fifties came to me the other day. She was very intellectual, smart, and controlled. She said she was a disaster when it came to men. It seemed that she was rejected even before she could properly get to know them. “Let’s just stay friends,” was the […]
Struggling to create a loving relationship?
  • Overcome your self-sabotage, fear of abandonment, self-rejection.




Healing from Abuse

Steffi was in her late forties, a successful woman in her field, not excessively overweight, but weighing enough to make her feel uncomfortable about herself. She carried a dark secret since she was a teenager that would now haunt and control her. This is her story. Read more by clicking on the title.
Have you been abused?
  • You can regain your sense of security and peace.


Abortion and Weight

Claire (42) had an abortion 24 years ago. She had no idea how deeply that would affect her eating habits, weight, and feelings. In two sessions she was able to find relief. Read more
Still carrying the emotional burden?
  • You can let go of heavy feelings and reconnect with the unborn child in a loving way.




Rejected As A Baby

This is about Ellie and her moment of birth. Ellie was an incredibly lovely lady in her late fifties with a huge heart and no family of her own. She was the one who would give her last just to help anyone in need. Behind her genuine smile, she hid loads of pain and self-denial. Read more
Do you feel rejected your whole life?
  • Gain self-acceptance, feel the connection with yourself and the world, learn self-love.