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Surviving a narcissistic relationship.

Many victims of abuse don’t realize that they have become prey to a narcissistic predator. How do you know that you have been abused? Physical abuse is easy to detect. It’s beatings, threats, being shouted at and so on. Emotional abuse, on the other hand, is a lot more complicated issue. It is that feeling […]

Michaela’s hypnosis session

“I’m never good enough!” Imagine you could let go of the feeling of being not good enough. What would you feel then? Happiness? Freedom? There is a lovely student of mine, who did just that. How? She used her subconscious to find out what caused her to feel like that and how to let go […]

3-day Emotional Self-healing Training

You probably have emotions that you would rather not have.Like getting upset about your ex whenever you see his/her post on Instagram or getting mad at you Mum whenever she calls you. Emotional Self-healing is when you start transforming these feelings instead of suppressing them or pouring them out into the world. The sobering reality […]

Britney and her relationships: The story of unfulfilled needs

Britney and Justin: The dream couple “Awww, they are so cute together!” Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were Hollywood’s most adored dream couple at the time. Although their relationship showed the typical signs of a puppy-love, the deep connection between the two souls and their fate was almost palpable. No wonder that many fans are […]


I had an extraordinary chat the other day. Ellie, a woman in her thirties, told me her story. It’s a lesson about jealousy. She used to have a boss, who was older than her, but who was very attractive and confident in a kind of George Clooney way. You could hardly find a woman in […]


Have you ever gone through traumatic experiences? Trauma is a tricky issue. Sometimes it is obvious, we have a miscarriage, an accident, we lose someone, or we are bullied. Many times trauma stays hidden. It can be the constant criticism of a parent, our family making us feel we are not good enough, our spouse […]

Miscarriage and Weight

How can a miscarriage change our relationship with food? It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Yet, I have met several women who had this problem. A miscarriage happened, something changed and their weight shifted, almost imperceptibly. Years went by, the weight increased bit by bit, life changed in almost all aspects, but something stayed the same. […]

Sexual Problems

Ok, let’s speak about sexual problems. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective here, but we might want to know why. This sensitive issue comes up quite often but most people ask their questions privately. Now, let’s shed some light on this. Most sexual problems that are not a direct consequence of a physical condition, are stress related. […]